William Conklin

Art is a chronicle of things known and unknown. It is a record of days gone by and a future prophesied. Art is a temper tantrum.   It is one hot kiss.  I make art, and when the day disappears what stays is a physical object that means more than all of me.  Put it on the wall, do with it what you will, for art can expand a room as well as a mind.  A piece can teach as well as titillate.  Control.  Ego.  Beauty.  Camp. Ugliness.  I am not afraid of these things.  I personify them, as does my work.  Enjoy.


William Conklin has worked with members of the Cult,  Guns n’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Lamiya, Angelique Bianca, and Poe.  He has contributed his work to TrendTv, David Park/Sky Clothing, Shelli Wright Photoworks, Meadow’s Basement Theater Productions,

the Long Beach Opera, and the art direction team for the Red Bull Music

Academy, London, UK.  His work can also be seen in the movie

“Mystery Woman”, and on HBO’s “Real Sex”.  William’s paintings have

shown at the following galleries:   Cannibal Flower Gallery, Los Angeles

                                                       Orbetello Gallery, Los Angeles

                                                       Viveza Gallery, Seattle

                                                       Gallery 6219, Los Angeles

                                                       Sabrina Fox Gallery, Los Angeles

                                                       Artistsalon, Los Angeles

                                                       Solaris Gallery, Los Angeles


Current selections of “martini series” are on constant display at Lola’s, W. hollywood.

His wine series is  on display at Bacco, Toluca Lake. 



William Conklin



323.962.7683 studio

323.401.4533 cell.